Terrorist attacks and related incidents in the United States

Note: table includes terrorist events causing fatalities, incidents involving unconventional weapons, politically-motivated murders, and other incidents of political or methodological significance.

Type codes indicate category of attacks/incidents and (if clear) political nature of organization/individual behind the attack:

  • TER = terrorist attack
  • THW = thwarted terrorist attack
  • CRI = criminal incident
  • ACC = accident
  • bws = Beltway sniper
  • islm = islamist
  • left = left-wing
  • right = right-wing
  • natl = nationalist
  • unab = Unabomber
  • rel = religious
date location killed injured type description
14 Apr 1865 Washington, DC 1 3 TER-right President Abraham Lincoln shot by John Wilkes Booth in Washington DC; secretary of state William H. Seward injured separately by accomplice Lewis Powell; Lincoln died 15 April
2 Jul 1881 Washington, DC 1 0 TER President James Garfield shot by Charles J. Guiteau in Washington, DC, died 19 Sep
4 May 1886 Chicago, Illinois 12 60 TER-left bomb thrown during labor rally at Haymarket Square kills 7 policemen, many injured; police fire into crowd, killing 4; 8 anarchists accused
28 Feb 1890 Washington, DC 1 0 TER Kentucky Representative William Taulbee shot outside U.S. Capitol by Charles Kincaid; Taulbee died 11 March
6 Sep 1901 Buffalo, New York 1 1 TER-left President William McKinley shot by Leon Czolgosz in Buffalo, NY, died 14 Sep
30 Dec 1905 Caldwell, Idaho 1 0 TER-left Frank Steunenberg, former Idaho governor, killed by bomb
1 Oct 1910 Los Angeles, California 21 20 TER-left bombing by labor activists at The Los Angeles Times building caused partial collapse of the building; two bombs at other locations were defused
14 Oct 1912 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 0 1 TER-left former President Theodore Roosevelt shot and injured in attempted assassination outside hotel en route to speech
3 Jul 1915 Glen Cove, New York 0 1 TER shooting attack on financier J. P. Morgan in failed hostage taking
22 Jul 1916 San Francisco, California 10 44 TER-left bomb in suitcase explodes at Preparedness Day parade
24 Nov 1917 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 10 2 TER-left bombing at police station
31 Jan 1919 Washington, DC 3 ? TER 3 Chinese assassinated
29 Apr 1919 Atlanta, Georgia 0 2 TER-left mail bomb sent to home of senator Thomas Hardwick explodes, injuring a housekeeper and the senator’s wife
2 Jun 1919 New York City, New York 2 3 TER-left anarchist bombings kill a night watchman and a terrorist; additional bombings occurred in Washington, DC, Philadelphia, PA, Paterson, NJ, Cleveland, OH, and two in Pittsburgh, PA
2 Jun 1919 Boston, Massachusetts 0 1 TER-left anarchist bombing at the home of a state representative injured one child; a second bombing at the house of a judge caused no injuries
16 Sep 1920 New York City, New York 38 300 TER-left bomb in horse-drawn wagon exploded near Morgan bank in lower Manhattan
22 Jun 1922 Herrin, Illinois 19 ? CRI shooting by striking workers at labor protest
18 May 1927 Bath, Michigan 46 58 CRI explosion of bomb placed in school, followed by suicide bombing
21 Feb 1928 New York City, New York 0 0 THW silver nitrate poison mailed to 9 New York City officials
15 Feb 1933 Miami, Florida 1 4 TER-left attempted assassination of President-elect Franklin Roosevelt by anarchist Joseph Zangara; Chicago mayor Anton Cermak shot instead, dying 6 March
10 Oct 1933 Chesterton, Indiana 7 0 CRI? mid-air bombing destroys a Boeing 247
8 Sep 1935 Baton Rouge, Louisiana 2 0 TER Senator Huey Long shot by Carl Weiss who was shot and killed by bodyguards; Long died 10 Sep
21 Sep 1935 Brooklyn, New York 0 1 TER plane hijacked from Brooklyn and flown across Atlantic, crashing in Irish Free State; 1 injured
23 Feb 1936 Utuado, Puerto Rico 0 1 TER-natl police officer shot by Puerto Rican nationalists
23 Feb 1936 San Juan, Puerto Rico 1 0 TER-natl police officer killed in shooting attack by Puerto Rican nationalists
21 Jan 1938 Seattle, Washington 1 0 THW peace advocate drowned trying to bomb Japanese steamer
4 Jul 1940 New York City, New York 2 2 TER bomb explodes at British Pavilion at the World’s Fair, killing 2 police officers and injuring 2
8 Jul 1945 Salina, Utah 9 20 CRI shooting by guard at German prisoners in POW camp
22 Jul 1948 New York City, New York 0 0 THW Stephen J. Supona dropped homemade bomb from airplane over United Nations building; no damage caused
5 Sep 1949 Camden, New Jersey 13 0 CRI shooting attack in residential neighborhood
1 Nov 1950 Washington, DC 2 1 TER-natl in assassination attempt on President Harry Truman, two Puerto Rican nationalists try to shoot their way into Blair House; 2 killed, including 1 terrorist
21 Dec 1951 Mims, Florida 2 0 TER-right NAACP state director Harry Moore and his wife killed in bombing of their house
1 Mar 1954 Washington, DC 0 5 TER-natl Puerto Rican nationalists fire from gallery of U.S. House of Representatives; 5 Congressman injured
7 Nov 1954 New York City, New York 0 4 TER bomb explodes in seat at Radio City Music Hall during a movie showing
1 Nov 1955 Longmont, Colorado 44 0 CRI United Air Lines DC-8 exploded and crashed near Longmont, CO, destroyed by bomb planted by John Graham in insurance plot to kill his mother, a passenger
2 Dec 1956 Brooklyn, New York 0 6 TER bomb explodes at Paramount Theater
1 Nov 1958 Punta Tabaio, Cuba 17 3 TER Cubana Airlines flight hijacked from Miami by members of 26th of July Movement; plane crashed near Punta Tabaio, Cuba, killing 17 of 20 aboard
15 Sep 1959 Houston, Texas 6 18 CRI suicide bombing at elementary school
6 Jan 1960 Boliva, North Carolina 34 0 CRI National Airlines flight bombed in insurance plot, crashing near Boliva, NC
3 Jan 1961 National Reactor Testing Station, Idaho 3 0 CRI criticality excursion and explosion at SL-1 reactor, apparently due to intentional removal of control rod in murder/suicide act
1 May 1961 Florida 0 0 TER Puerto Rican hijacks National Airlines plane to Havana, Cuba
22 May 1962 Unionville, Missouri 44 0 CRI Continental flight bombed
12 Jun 1963 Jackson, Mississippi 1 0 TER-right Medgar Evers, NAACP Mississippi field secretary, shot and killed at his home
15 Sep 1963 Birmingham, Alabama 4 23 TER-right bomb exploded under the steps of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, killing 4 young girls (ages 11-14) attending Sunday school
22 Nov 1963 Dallas, Texas 1 2 TER President John Kennedy shot and killed by Lee Harvey Oswald, himself later fatally shot by Jack Rudy before trial
1 May 1964 San Ramon, California 44 0 CRI Frank Gonzalez, intending to commit suicide, shot pilot of Pacific Air Lines flight, causing plane to crash
22 Jun 1964 Philadelphia, Mississippi 3 0 TER-right three civil rights workers kidnapped in Mississippi, bodies found 4 Aug, 7 whites convicted of murders
16 Feb 1965 New York City, New York 0 0 THW three individuals, including members of Black Liberation Front and Montreal Separatist Party, arrested plotting to bomb Liberty Bell, Statue of Liberty, and Washington Monument
21 Feb 1965 New York City, New York 1 0 TER Malcolm X fatally shot
25 Mar 1965 Selma, Alabama 1 0 TER-right civil rights protestor killed by Ku Klux Klan
11-16 Aug 1965 Los Angeles, California 34 1000 CRI black riots in Watts; $20 million in damage
10 Jan 1966 Hattiesburg, Mississippi 1 1 TER-right firebombing by Ku Klux Klan
15 Mar 1966 Los Angeles, California 2 25 CRI black riots in Watts
1 Aug 1966 Austin, Texas 19 31 CRI sniper shooting from tower on University of Texas campus
7 Jan 1967 Las Vegas, Nevada 6 12 CRI R. Parks commits suicide in bombing of Las Vegas motel
29 Jan 1967 Washington, DC 0 2 TER-natl simultaneous bombing of Yugoslav missions in Washington, DC, Chicago, IL, San Francisco, CA, New York City, NY, Ottawa, Canada, and Toronto, Canada; the Washington bombing injured two embassy employees
2 May 1967 Sacramento, California 0 0 THW 26 Black Panthers walk into California State Legislature in Sacramento carrying loaded guns to read a political statement
12-17 Jul 1967 Newark, New Jersey 26 1500 CRI black riots
23-30 Jul 1967 Detroit, Michigan 43 2000 CRI black riots
4 Apr 1968 Memphis, Tennessee 1 0 TER-right Martin Luther King Jr. shot and killed by James Earl Ray
5 Jun 1968 Los Angeles, California 1 0 TER Robert Kennedy shot by Jordanian Sinhan Bishara Sirhan, died 6 Jun
1 Jun 1969 Sacramento, California 0 13 TER-left gunfight at Black Panther Party headquarters, injures 13 policemen
7 Aug 1969 New York City, New York 0 20 TER-left bombing of Marine Midland Building
6 Mar 1970 New York City, New York 3 0 TER-left three killed, apparently while building bombs for Weathermen
17 Mar 1970 Boston, Massachusetts 1 1 TER Eastern Airlines flight hijacked; copilot shot and killed
24 Aug 1970 Madison, Wisconsin 1 0 TER-left bombing at Sterling Hall kills scientist at University of Wisconsin; bomb planted in protest of Vietnam War
1 Nov 1970 Fort Detrick, Maryland 0 0 THW US Army learns of Weathermen plot to blackmail homosexual officer at Fort Detrick, MD, to steal a biological weapon for use in the water supply of a major city
1 Mar 1971 Washington, DC 0 0 TER-left Weather Underground bombing of Senate wing of U.S. Capitol
20 Oct 1971 New York City, New York 0 0 TER JDL members fire into apartment occupied by members of Soviet UN delegation
1 Jan 1972 Chicago, Illinois 0 0 THW two teenagers, members of RISE, arrested for plotting to introduce typhoid bacteria into Chicago water supply
22 Jan 1972 Saint Louis, Missouri 2 0 TER-left two police officers killed
26 Jan 1972 New York City, New York 2 13 TER Jewish Defense League firebombs two Sol Hurok offices; one killed at each location, with 13 total additional injuries
27 Jan 1972 New York City, New York 2 0 TER-left Black Liberation Army kills 2 police officers
7 Mar 1972 New York City, New York 0 0 THW caller threatens to bomb four TWA airliners, one every 6 hours, unless a $2,000,000 ransom was paid; caller stated bomb was aboard TWA Flight 7 en route from New York City to Los Angeles; flight returned to New York City and the bomb defused
8 Mar 1972 Las Vegas, Nevada 0 0 TER additional attack on TWA airliner; bomb exploded in emptied airliner in Las Vegas following its arrival from New York City
8 Apr 1972 Harris County, Texas 0 1 CRI intentional irradiation of child using radioactive sources
15 May 1972 Laurel, Maryland 0 4 TER Alabama governor George Wallace and 3 others injured, shot by Arthur Bremer
7 Jan 1973 New Orleans, Louisiana 9 13 TER-left shootings by former Black Panther member
4 Mar 1973 New York City, New York 0 0 TER-islm attempted bombings of three Israeli targets
1 Jul 1973 Chevy Chase, Maryland 1 0 TER-islm Israeli military attache Colonel Yosef Alon shot outside his home, claimed by PFLP
6 Nov 1973 Oakland, California 1 0 TER SLA kills Marcus Foster, black school superintendent
22 Feb 1974 Baltimore, Maryland 3 1 TER gunman attempts to hijack plane in Baltimore and fly it into White House to kill President Nixon; kills 2 at airport and himself, injures one
17 May 1974 Los Angeles, California 6 0 TER 6 SLA suspects in Hearst kidnapping killed in gun battle with police
6 Aug 1974 Los Angeles, California 3 35 TER bomb explodes in locker at airport, later attributed to the Alphabet Bomber
21 Aug 1974 Los Angeles, California 0 0 THW Alphabet Bomber, having threatened to kill the President with nerve gas, arrested with all but one of necessary components
11 Dec 1974 East Harlem, New York 0 1 TER-natl FALN bombing injures police officer
24 Jan 1975 New York City, New York 4 63 TER-natl FALN bombing of Fraunces Tavern in Wall Street
29 Jan 1975 Washington, DC 0 0 TER-left Weather Underground bombing of U.S. State Department
5 Sep 1975 Sacramento, California 0 0 THW Secret Service agent prevents Lynette Fromme, a Charles Manson follower, from shooting President Gerald Ford
22 Sep 1975 San Francisco, California 0 0 THW President Gerald Ford unharmed in assassination attempt by Sara Jane Moore, a political activist
29 Dec 1975 New York City, New York 11 75 TER-natl bomb explodes in locker at La Guardia Airport; Croatian nationalists suspected
1 Jun 1976 ? 0 0 THW B. A. Fox threatens to use mail to disperse ticks carrying pathogens
27 Jul 1976 Washington, DC 1 0 THW gunman scales White House fence, is shot and killed by guards
10 Sep 1976 New York City, New York 1 3 TER-natl Croatian terrorists hijack TWA jet and have it flown to France; 1 policeman killed by bomb at Grand Central Terminal in New York City
21 Sep 1976 Washington, DC 2 0 TER-natl two Chileans killed in car bombing
9 Mar 1977 Washington, DC 0 0 TER-islm Hanafi Muslim gunmen seize 3 buildings in Washington, DC, and hold 134 hostages for 39 hours before surrendering
22 Mar 1977 Denver, Colorado 1 0 TER bombing attributed to Chicano activist
23 Apr 1977 Washington, DC 1 0 TER bomb explodes in locker at airport
3 Aug 1977 New York City, New York 1 7 TER-natl FALN bombs two office buildings; 1 killed at Mobil headquarters, 7 injured
25 May 1978 Evanston, Illinois 0 1 TER-unab mail bomb slightly injures campus police officer at Northwestern University
1 Jan 1979 Wilmington, North Carolina 0 0 THW extortion attempt threatening release of uranium dioxide
3 May 1979 Chicago, Illinois 0 5 TER-natl FALN bombing at Shubert Theatre
9 May 1979 Evanston, Illinois 0 1 TER-unab bomb slightly injures student at Northwestern University
3 Nov 1979 Greensboro, North Carolina 5 11 TER-right shooting attack at protest
15 Nov 1979 Chicago, Illinois 0 12 TER-unab bomb ignites on American Airlines flight which lands safely; 12 passengers suffer from smoke inhalation
1 Dec 1979 Sabana Seca, Puerto Rico 2 10 TER-natl Macheteros members ambush Navy bus in Puerto Rico, killing 2 sailors and injuring 10
29 May 1980 Fort Wayne, Indiana 0 1 TER-right Vernon Jordan Jr., civil rights leader, shot and injured
10 Jun 1980 Chicago, Illinois 0 1 TER-unab mail bomb injures president of United Airlines
22 Jul 1980 Bethesda, Maryland 1 0 TER-islm Ali Akbar Tabataba’i, former senior officer in Iranian Shah’s SAVAK, shot at home by Daoud Salahuddin, a radical black Muslim under instructions from Iran
12 Jan 1981 Muniz ANGB, Puerto Rico 0 0 TER-natl Macheteros terrorists bomb 9 Air National Guard jets, causing $40 million in damage
20 Mar 1981 Mobile, Alabama 1 0 TER-right Ku Klux Klan attack
30 Mar 1981 Washington, DC 0 4 TER President Ronald Reagan and 3 others injured in attempted assassination by Hinkley
16 May 1981 New York City, New York 1 0 TER-natl bomb explodes in JFK airport terminal
29 Jul 1981 Tulsa, Oklahoma 1 0 CRI fatal self-inflicted radiation dose using stolen source
20 Oct 1981 New York City, New York 3 0 TER-left Weather Underground member Kathy Boudin captured after killing 3
21 Dec 1981 Warren County, New Jersey 1 0 TER-left UFF members murder New Jersey State Police officer
28 Jan 1982 Los Angeles, California 1 0 TER-natl Kemal Arikan, Turkish Consul-General, assassinated by Armenian terrorists
4 May 1982 Somerville, Massachusetts 1 0 TER-natl Orhan Gunduz, honorary Turkish Consul in Boston, assassinated by Armenian terrorists
5 May 1982 Nashville, Tennessee 0 1 TER-unab mail bomb injures secretary at Vanderbilt University
16 May 1982 San Juan, Puerto Rico 1 3 TER-natl shooting attack on navy sailors
2 Jul 1982 Berkeley, California 0 1 TER-unab mail bomb injures professor at University of California
25 Sep 1982 Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania 13 0 CRI shooting attack
31 Dec 1982 New York City, New York 0 3 TER-natl two bombings in Manhattan and Brooklyn by FALN
15 Jul 1983 Los Angeles, California 1 0 TER-natl bomb in car kills Armenian Victor Galustian
1 Aug 1983 Detroit, Michigan 3 0 TER-islm Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam secretary killed by members of Fuqra, a black Islamic sect; 2 members killed setting fire in AMI temple
7 Nov 1983 Washington, DC 0 0 TER bombing at U.S. Capitol building; later linked to Revolutionary Armed Task Force
1 Dec 1983 Seattle, Washington 0 0 THW authorities prevent attempt by pro-Khomeini students to set fire to theater where 500 anti-Khomeini Iranians were attending a singing performance
31 Dec 1983 New York City, New York 0 1 TER-natl FALN bombings at federal and city buildings; 1 policeman injured
1 Apr 1984 New York 0 0 THW two Canadians arrested in NY attempting to purchase large amounts of pathogenic bacteria (tetanus and botulinal toxin) from a Rockville, MD, firm
18 Jul 1984 San Ysidro, California 22 19 CRI shooting attack at McDonalds restaurant
18 Jul 1984 Denver, Colorado 1 0 TER-right Alan Berg killed by white supremacists
29 Aug 1984 The Dalles, Oregon 0 2 TER-rel followers of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh use water to infect two officials with salmonella; both sickened, one hospitalized
9-19 Sep 1984 The Dalles, Oregon 0 751 TER-rel salmonella poisoning in restaurants by followers of Bhadwan Shree Rajneesh
7 Dec 1984 Whidbey Island, Washington 1 0 TER-right Robert Matthews, leader of The Order, a right-wing group, killed in raid by federal agents
25 Dec 1984 Pensacola, Florida 0 0 TER-right three abortion clinics bombed
1 Apr 1985 New York City, New York 0 0 THW letter writer threatens to contaminate New York City’s water reservoirs with plutonium unless charges against Bernhard Goetz are dropped; testing was announced to have detected femtocurie levels of plutonium in the water on 26 July
13 May 1985 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 11 0 CRI police assault on headquarters of radical black group Move starts fire
15 May 1985 Berkeley, California 0 1 TER-unab mail bomb injures student at University of California
15 Aug 1985 Paterson, New Jersey 0 1 TER Tscherim Soobzokov, alleged Nazi war criminal, injured by bombing possibly linked to JDL; died 6 Sep
11 Oct 1985 Santa Ana, California 1 0 TER Alex Odah, officer of American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, killed by bombing possibly linked to JDL
15 Nov 1985 Ann Arbor, Michigan 0 2 TER-unab bombing injures two
11 Dec 1985 Sacramento, California 1 0 TER-unab Unabomber bomb kills Hugh Scrutton, a computer store owner, with bomb in paper bag behind store
16 May 1986 Cokeville, Wyoming 2 79 TER-right two Aryan Nation members take 150 students and teachers hostage at an elementary school; bomb accidentally explodes, killing one terrorist and injuring many children; second terrorist commits suicide
5 Aug 1986 Chicago, Illinois 0 0 THW members of Libyan-linked street gang El Rukn arrested attempting to obtain SAM to attack an aircraft at O’Hare IAP
20 Aug 1986 Edmond, Oklahoma 15 6 CRI shooting attack by postal employee at post office
5 Sep 1986 New York City, New York 0 30 TER tear gas bomb set off 5 minutes before end of Russian dance troupe performance at New York City’s Metropolitan Opera House by Jewish extremists
29 Sep 1986 Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 0 0 TER-right four bombs explode in Coeur d’Alene, at department store, restaurant, federal building, and armed forces recruiting station, set by Bruder Scheigen Strike Force II
28 Oct 1986 Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico 0 1 TER-natl Macheteros bombings at military facilities
1 Dec 1986 Arizona 0 0 THW 6 members of Arizona Patriots indicted for planned bombings of the Phoenix ADL regional office, a Phoenix synagogue, the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, and the Ogden Utah IRS facility
14 Dec 1986 New York City, New York 0 0 THW Dennis Malvasi sets bomb in Planned Parenthood building in Manhattan, leaving rental agent handcuffed nearby; bomb fizzles
31 Dec 1986 San Juan, Puerto Rico 97 140 CRI three employees set fire in Dupont Plaza Hotel; most fatalities were in the hotel casino; the employees were in a labor dispute with the hotel’s management
20 Feb 1987 Salt Lake City, Utah 0 1 TER-unab bombing injures computer store owner
1 Apr 1987 Atlantic City, New Jersey 0 0 THW apparent Islamic terrorist plot to bomb Atlantic City casinos called off due to alerted authorities
23 Oct 1987 Vermont 0 0 THW Lebanese national and two others, all members of Syrian Socialist National Party, arrested attempting to enter Vermont from Canada with bomb components
29 Nov 1987 Livermore, California 0 0 THW bomb exploded in parking lot of Sandia National Laboratories
12 Apr 1988 New Jersey 0 0 THW Yu Kikumura, member of Japanese Red Army, arrested in New Jersey with bombs to be detonated in Manhattan 3 days later
10 Nov 1988 Norwalk, Connecticut 0 0 THW animal rights activist arrested leaving pipe bomb at U.S. Surgical Corporation
17 Jan 1989 Stockton, California 6 30 CRI shooting attack on children in playground of elementary school; gunman then fatally shot himself
10 Mar 1989 San Diego, California 0 0 TER-islm pipe-bomb exploded in van of Sharon Lee Rogers, wife of U.S.S. Vincennes captain, planted by pro-Iranian terrorists
13 Mar 1989 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 0 0 THW US FDA inspectors in Philadelphia discover two grapes laced with minimal amounts of cyanide in shipment from Chile following warning telephoned to U.S. embassy in Santiago
18 Apr 1989 Indianapolis, Indiana 0 1 CRI child maimed by bomb in toothpaste tube in K-Mart store; apparent teenage perpetrator commits suicide 20 April
19 Apr 1989 Atlantic Ocean, Puerto Rico 47 0 CRI? explosion in gun turrent of battleship U.S.S. Iowa off Puerto Rico kills 47; Navy cites some evidence of sabotage
21 Aug 1989 Atlanta, Georgia 0 15 TER-right gas canister in parcel explodes at NAACP regional office
17 Dec 1989 Mountain Brook, Alabama 1 1 TER Judge Robert Vance killed by mail bomb, wife injured
18 Dec 1989 Savannah, Georgia 1 0 TER-right black civil rights lawyer Robert Robinson killed by mail bomb
31 Jan 1990 Tucson, Arizona 1 0 TER-islm Rashad Khalifa assassinated
25 Mar 1990 New York City, New York 87 0 CRI arson fire in social club
24 May 1990 Oakland, California 0 2 TER-left two Earth First members injured in explosion while transporting bomb in car
18 Jun 1990 Jacksonville, Florida 10 4 CRI shooting attack at GMAC office
5 Nov 1990 New York City, New York 1 1 TER-islm Rabbi Meir Kahane assassinated by Al-Sayyid Abdulazziz Nossair
25 Feb 1991 Brooklyn, New York 1 0 TER-islm Mustafa Shalabi killed in Brooklyn by Islamic group members
16 Oct 1991 Killeen, Texas 24 20 CRI shooting attack at Luby’s restaurant
1 Mar 1992 Minnesota 0 0 THW Minnesota Patriots Council plots to assassinate law enforcement officials using ricin
26 Mar 1992 Franklin Lakes, New Jersey 1 0 TER-islm Parivash Rafizadeh, wife of former senior officer in Iranian Shah’s SAVAK, shot near her home
19 Apr 1992 Ruby Ridge, Idaho 2 0 CRI federal marshals in shootout with white supremacist Randy Weaver in Idaho kill his wife and son
27 Apr-2 May 1992 Los Angeles, California 58 4000 CRI black riots following not guilty verdict in trial of four policemen for beating black offender
1 May 1992 Olivehurt, California 4 10 CRI shooting attack at high school
25 Jan 1993 Langley, Virginia 2 3 TER-islm Mir Amail Kansi, an Afghan Islamist, shot several CIA employees in cars in front of CIA headquarters
26 Feb 1993 New York City, New York 6 1040 TER-islm truck bombing in garage of World Trade Center
28 Feb 1993 Waco, Texas 86 25 CRI Branch Davidian cult members kill 4 ATF agents, injure 16, when agents raided their compound in Waco, TX; 10 cult members killed; compound was sieged until 19 Apr when another raid was attempted and the compound burned down
10 Mar 1993 Pensacola, Florida 1 0 TER-right abortionist David Gunn shot and killed by abortion opponent
22 Jun 1993 Tiburon, California 0 1 TER-unab bomb injures scientist from University of California
24 Jun 1993 New Haven, Connecticut 0 1 TER-unab bomb injures professor at Yale University
24 Jun 1993 New York City, New York 0 0 THW Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman and others arrested for role in World Trade Center bombing, thwarting plans to bomb United Nation Headquarters, the Lincoln Tunnel, the Holland Tunnel, the George Washington Bridge, and FBI offices in New York City
1 Jul 1993 Los Angeles, California 0 0 THW FBI arrests skinheads planning to machine gun worshippers at First African Methodist Episcopal Church in Los Angeles in hopes of starting a race war
19 Aug 1993 Wichita, Kansas 0 1 TER-right abortionist George Tiller shot and injured at an abortion clinic
14 Dec 1993 Garden City, New York 6 19 TER-left Colin Ferguson shot and killed 6, injured 17 on Long Island train, professing hatred of whites
1 Mar 1994 New York City, New York 1 3 TER-islm gunman fires at van of Orthodox Jewish students at the Brooklyn Bridge
26 Apr 1994 Colorado Springs, Colorado 1 1 CRI mail bomb kills man and injures his wife
20 Jun 1994 Fairchild AFB, Washington 4 22 CRI shooting attack at base hospital
29 Jul 1994 Pensacola, Florida 2 1 TER-right abortion opponent shot and killed abortionist and his bodyguard and injured abortionist’s wife
12 Sep 1994 Washington, DC 1 0 TER Frank Corder flew Cessna from MD into White House, striking tree near President’s bedroom, killing himself and causing damage to White House
29 Oct 1994 Washington, DC 0 0 THW lone gunman with semi-automatic weapon fires shots at White House from sidewalk in front on Pennsylvania Avenue
10 Dec 1994 North Caldwell, New Jersey 1 0 TER-unab Unabomber mail bomb kills New York advertising executive Thomas Mosser
30 Dec 1994 Brookline, Massachusetts 2 5 TER-right gunman kills 2 abortion clinic workers in MA, then drives to Norfolk, VA, and fires on clinic before arrest
19 Apr 1995 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 169 675 TER-right truck bombing of federal building, causing partial collapse
24 Apr 1995 Sacramento, California 1 0 TER-unab Unabomber mail bomb kills Gilbert Murray, president of California Forestry Assn., at office
1 May 1995 Washington, DC 0 2 THW man with unloaded gun scales White House fence; jumper and Secret Service agent shot and injured by another guard
12 Sep 1995 Essex, Maryland 5 0 CRI car bombing at shopping mall, apparent murder plot
10 Oct 1995 Hyder, Arizona 1 100 CRI Amtrak train derailed near Hyder, AZ, by sabotage to tracks with nearby note claiming responsibility by Sons of Gestapo, later attributed to railroad employee
23 Dec 1995 Arkansas 1 0 THW Thomas Lewis Lavy arrested in Arkansas for possession of ricin, a biotoxin; Lavy commits suicide the next day
27 Feb 1996 Houston, Texas 0 1 CRI radioactive source theft
1 Jun 1996 New York 0 0 THW several individuals arrested in plot to kill Republican officials; seized weapons included radioactive materials
1 Jun 1996 New York 0 0 THW several individuals arrested in New York planning to kill Republican officials; seized weapons included radioactive materials
17 Jul 1996 East Moriches, New York 230 0 ACC? mid-air explosion of TWA 800, attribution to accidental explosion has been disputed; victims included 20 children and 38 French citizens
27 Jul 1996 Atlanta, Georgia 2 110 TER-right pipe bomb explodes in park at night concert at Summer Olympic Games; 1 killed, 1 died nearby of heart attack
2 Jan 1997 multiple 0 0 TER letter bombs received at Egyptian newspaper offices in Washington, DC, New York City, and a prison in Leavenworth Kansas; similar device exploded at Egyptian newspaper office in London, UK, injuring 2 guards
22 Feb 1997 Atlanta, Georgia 0 4 TER-right bomb explodes in Atlanta, GA, nightclub frequented by homosexuals; 4 injured
24 Feb 1997 New York City, New York 2 6 TER-islm lone Palestinian gunman fired on tourists on observation deck of Empire State Building; Danish national was killed and other tourists injured before gunman killed himself
26 Mar 1997 Rancho Sante Fe, California 39 0 CRI discovery of mass suicide by 39 members of Heaven’s Gate cult, tied by cult members to Comet Hale-Bopp
16 May 1997 ? 0 0 THW James Dalton Bell allegedly investigates toxins for use in assassinating government officials
31 Jul 1997 New York City, New York 0 2 THW would-be Palestinian suicide bombers are arrested at their apartment while planning to bomb New York subways
29 Jan 1998 Birmingham, Alabama 1 1 TER-right bombing at abortion clinic kills one guard and injures a nurse; Eric Rudolph suspected in case
24 Mar 1998 Jonesboro, Arkansas 5 11 CRI shooting attack at middle school by two students; 4 students and 1 teacher killed, 9 students and 2 adults injured
21 May 1998 Springfield, Oregon 4 25 CRI shooting attacks at residence and high school
24 Jul 1998 Washington, DC 2 2 TER gunman enters U.S. Capitol building and kills two guards; one tourist and gunman are injured
19 Oct 1998 Vail, Colorado 0 0 TER-left arson attacks by the Earth Liberation Front at Vail ski resort cause $12 million in damages
23 Oct 1998 Amherst, New York 1 0 TER-right abortionist shot and killed at his home
20 Apr 1999 Littleton, Colorado 15 27 CRI mass shooting at Columbine High School by two students; 12 students and 1 teacher killed, 21 students and 2 teachers killed; both gunmen killed themselves
10 Aug 1999 Los Angeles, California 1 5 TER-right shooting attack at Jewish daycare by white supremacist
15 Sep 1999 Fort Worth, Texas 8 8 CRI shooting attack at church service
31 Oct 1999 Atlantic Ocean, Massachusetts 217 0 TER-islm intentional crash of Egypt Air flight off Nantucket Island by copilot
14 Dec 1999 Port Angeles, Washington 0 0 THW terrorist arrested crossing from Canada with material to bomb Los Angeles International Airport
7 Feb 2001 Washington, DC 0 1 THW gunman fires on the White House from outside the perimeter fence; gunman is shot and injured by a guard
11 Sep 2001 New York City, New York 2759 8700 TER-islm crashing of two hijacked planes into World Trade Center towers, causing fires and collapse
11 Sep 2001 Arlington, Virginia 189 200 TER-islm crashing of hijacked plane into Pentagon
11 Sep 2001 Somerset County, Pennsylvania 45 0 TER-islm crashing of hijacked plane into rural area of Pennsylvania, following attempt by passengers to regain control of aircraft
18 Sep 2001 West Palm Beach, Florida 1 10 TER anthrax-laced letters mailed to West Palm Beach, Florida, USA, and New York City, New York, USA
9 Oct 2001 Washington, DC 4 7 TER anthrax-laced letters mailed to Washington, DC
22 Dec 2001 Atlantic Ocean, Florida 0 1 THW British citizen prevented from igniting shoe bomb on flight from Paris to Miami
8 May 2002 Chicago, Illinois 0 0 THW US citizen arrested for seeking to use dirty bomb in US
4 Jul 2002 Los Angeles, California 2 4 TER-islm Egyptian gunman kills two Israelis, injures four at the El Al ticket counter at the Los Angeles International Airport
5 Sep 2002 Clinton, Maryland 0 1 TER-bws owner of Italian restaurant shot in robbery by Beltway snipers
10 Sep 2002 Lackawanna, New York 0 0 THW 6 U.S. citizens arrested for terrorist connections
21 Sep 2002 Montgomery, Alabama 1 1 TER-bws liquor store employees shot in robbery by Beltway snipers
2 Oct 2002 Glenmont, Maryland 1 0 TER-bws 1 killed at grocery store by Beltway snipers
3 Oct 2002 Aspen Hill, Maryland 5 0 TER-bws 5 killed in separate shootings by Beltway snipers
4 Oct 2002 Spotsylvania County, Virginia 1 0 TER-bws 1 killed at shopping mall by Beltway snipers
7 Oct 2002 Bowie, Maryland 0 1 TER-bws 1 child injured at a middle school by Beltway snipers
9 Oct 2002 Manassas, Virginia 1 0 TER-bws 1 killed at gas station by Beltway snipers
11 Oct 2002 Fredericksburg, Virginia 1 0 TER-bws 1 killed at gas station by Beltway snipers
14 Oct 2002 Falls Church, Virginia 1 0 TER-bws 1 killed at shopping mall by Beltway snipers
19 Oct 2002 Ashland, Virginia 1 0 TER-bws 1 killed at restaurant by Beltway snipers
22 Oct 2002 Aspen Hill, Maryland 1 0 TER-bws 1 bus driver killed by Beltway snipers
19 Mar 2003 New York City, New York 0 0 THW US citizen arrested for planning to sabotage Brooklyn Bridge
1 Jun 2003 Alexandria, Virginia 0 0 THW 11 arrested for planning attacks on U.S. servicemen
8 Jul 2003 Meridian, Mississippi 7 8 CRI shooting attack at factory
28 Nov 2003 Columbus, Ohio 0 0 THW arrest of terrorist plotting to bomb shopping mall in Columbus
1 Aug 2004 Albany, New York 0 0 THW 2 arrested plotting assassination of Pakistani diplomat
1 Aug 2004 New York City, New York 0 0 THW 2 arrested planning to bomb Penn Station during Republican National Convention
3 Aug 2004 New York City, New York 0 0 THW terror cell leader arrested in London for planning attacks on financial centers in the US
21 Mar 2005 Red Lake, Minnesota 10 7 CRI shooting at Red Lake Indian Reservation school
1 Aug 2005 Los Angeles, California 0 0 THW 4 arrested plotting attacks on Los Angeles targets
29 Nov 2005 Santa Cruz, California 0 4 TER-left 4 injured, including several children, by incendiary attacks by suspected animal rights activists
5 Dec 2005 Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania 0 0 THW 1 arrested plotting attacks on refineries in Wyoming and New Jersey and on the transcontinental pipeline
Feb 2006 Toledo, Ohio 0 0 THW 3 arrested plotting attacks on U.S. military abroad and on domestic targets
5 Mar 2006 Chapel Hill, North Carolina 0 9 TER-islm man drives vehicle into pedestrians at the University of North Carolina
Apr 2006 Atlanta, Georgia 0 0 THW 2 arrested plotting attacks on U.S. Capitol and World Bank headquarters
22 Jun 2006 Chicago, Illinois 0 0 THW 7 arrested planning to bomb the Sears Tower
1 Jul 2006 New York City, New York 0 0 THW 1 arrested planning to bomb train tunnels
28 Jul 2006 Seattle, Washington 1 5 TER-islm gunman fires on women at the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle
9 Aug 2006 ? 0 0 THW British authorities arrest 24 terrorists planning to use liquid explosives on airlines to attack US targets
27 Sep 2006 Bailey, Colorado 2 5 CRI hostage taking and shooting attack at high school
2 Oct 2006 Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania 6 5 CRI hostage taking and shooting attack at Amish schoolhouse
Dec 2006 Chicago, Illinois 0 0 THW 1 arrested plotting grenade attack on Chicago area shopping mall
16 Apr 2007 Blacksburg, Virginia 33 17 CRI shooting attack at Virginia Polytechnic Institute
9 May 2007 Cherry Hill, New Jersey 0 0 THW 6 arrested plotting armed attack on Fort Dix
3 Jun 2007 New York City, New York 0 0 THW 4 arrested in Trinidad plotting to bomb fuel pipelines near JFK airport
1 Aug 2007 Clinton, Michigan 0 1 CRI radioactive source theft
24 Feb 2008 Los Angeles, California 0 1 TER-left animal rights activists attempt home invasion of biomedical researcher, injuring the researcher’s husband
Jun 2008 Columbus, Ohio 0 0 THW 1 arrested plotting attacks on U.S. and European targets
27 Jul 2008 Knoxville, Tennessee 2 7 TER gunman fires on congregation at a church
10 Mar 2009 Alabama 11 6 CRI multiple shootings at residences and businesses in Samson and Geneva, AL
3 Apr 2009 Binghamton, New York 14 4 CRI shooting attack at immigrant center
20 May 2009 New York City, New York 0 0 THW 4 arrested plotting bombing attacks on New York Jewish centers and attacks against Air National Guard aircraft
31 May 2009 Wichita, Kansas 1 0 TER-right 1 doctor killed (George Tiller) in shooting attack at Reformation Lutheran Church
1 Jun 2009 Little Rock, Arkansas 1 1 TER-islm 1 Army private killed (William Long), second injured in shooting attack at Army Navy Career Center
10 Jun 2009 Washington, DC 1 1 TER-right 1 guard killed (Stephen Johns) in shooting attack at the Holocaust Museum
11 Sep 2009 Owosso, Michigan 2 0 TER-left abortion protester shot and killed outside a school; the gunman also killed an area businessman
23 Sep 2009 Springfield, Illinois 0 0 THW US citizen arrested plotting to detonate car bomb at the federal building in Springfield, IL
24 Sep 2009 Dallas, Texas 0 0 THW terrorist arrested planning to bomb Dallas Fountain Place
21 Oct 2009 Sudbury, Massachusetts 0 0 THW 1 arrested plotting attacks on shopping malls and assassinations of two politicians
5 Nov 2009 Fort Hood, Texas 13 44 TER-islm shooting attack at Soldier Readiness Center at Fort Hood
25 Dec 2009 Michigan 0 3 TER-islm Yemeni terrorist attempts to detonate bomb on flight from Amsterdam to Detroit; bomb only ignites, and passengers and crew subdue the terrorist
18 Feb 2010 Austin, Texas 2 13 TER suicide crash of small plane into federal office building
4 Mar 2010 Arlington, Virginia 1 2 TER shooting at gate outside Pentagon; gunman killed
1 May 2010 New York City, New York 0 0 THW failed car bombing in Times Square by Pakistani terrorists
Jul 2010 Anchorage, Alaska 0 0 THW 2 arrested plotting mail bomb assassinations
1 Sep 2010 Silver Spring, Maryland 1 0 TER 3 hostages held by gunman at Discovery Communications headquarters; gunman killed by police
17 Sep 2010 Washington, DC 0 1 THW attempted shooting at Capitol Hill; gunman shot and injured by guards
Oct 2010 Washington, DC 0 0 THW Pakistani-American arrested plotting bombing attack on Washington subway
29 Oct 2010 ? 0 0 THW thwarted attempt to bomb multiple US-bound airliners with parcel bombs sent from Yemen
Nov 2010 Portland, Oregon 0 0 THW 1 arrested plotting bombing at Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland
Dec 2010 Maryland 0 0 THW 1 arrested plotting bombing of military recruiting center
8 Jan 2011 Tucson, Arizona 6 13 TER shooting attack at political event at a supermarket; U.S. District Judge John Roll killed, U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords injured
Feb 2011 Lubbock, Texas 0 0 THW 1 arrested plotting bombings of domestic targets
May 2011 New York City, New York 0 0 THW 2 arrested plotting attacks on a Manhattan synagogue
Jun 2011 Seattle, Washington 0 0 THW 2 arrested plotting attack on Seattle military recruiting station
27 Jul 2011 Killeen, Texas 0 0 THW thwarted attempt to attack restaurant near Fort Hood with bombing and shooting attack; Naser Abdo arrested
6 Sep 2011 Carson City, Nevada 5 7 CRI? shooting attack at restaurant, killing 4 (2 died immediately, 2 died later of injuries) and injuring 7 others; casualties included 3 Nevada National Guard soldiers killed and 2 injured; gunman also died of self-inflicted wounds
20 Jul 2012 Aurora, Colorado 12 58 CRI shooting attack at movie theater; suspect was arrested afterwards; suspect had booby-trapped his nearby apartment with explosives which were successfully disarmed by police
5 Aug 2012 Oak Creek, Wisconsin 7 4 TER-right 6 killed, 4 injured in shooting attack at a Sikh temple shortly before worship service on Sunday morning; one of those injured was a police officer, another was president of the temple; the gunman was shot and killed at the scene by police
14 Aug 2012 LaPlace, Louisiana 2 4 TER 2 police officers killed, 1 injured while investigating attack that injured another officer; 7 arrested, 2 of whom were injured in the shootout; several of those arrested had ties to the sovereign citizen movement
15 Aug 2012 Washington, DC 0 1 TER-left 1 guard shot and injured while subduing gunman at Family Research Council offices
14 Dec 2012 Newtown, Connecticut 28 3 CRI shooting attack at elementary school kills 20 children and 6 adults; shooter killed himself and had killed his mother earlier that day
15 Apr 2013 Boston, Massachusetts 3 264 TER-islm two bombings at Boston Marathon kill 3 (including 1 child) and injure 183 (including 8 children)
17 Apr 2013 Washington, DC 0 0 THW two letters testing positive for ricin mailed to Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker and President Obama are found at mail screening facilities; a third letter to an official in Mississippi was awaiting testing; an individual in Mississippi is arrested and charged in the case
18-19 Apr 2013 Watertown, Massachusetts 2 2 TER-islm 1 police officer killed, one injured during manhunt for the Boston Marathon bombers; one terrorist killed and one injured and captured
12 May 2013 New Orleans, Louisiana 0 19 CRI two gunmen fired on crowds at Mother’s Day parade; 19 injured, including 2 children
16 Sep 2013 Washington, DC 13 3 CRI shooting attack at Washington Navy Yard
1 Nov 2013 Los Angeles, CA 1 7 TER shooting attack at Los Angeles International Airport; 1 TSA officer killed, 2 TSA officers and several civilians injured
2 Apr 2014 Fort Hood, Texas 4 16 CRI shooting attack on Fort Hood; 3 killed, 16 injured; in addition the gunman killed himself
13 Apr 2014 Overland Park, Kansas 3 0 TER-right shooting attack at a Jewish community center and Jewish retirement home; 3 killed, including one teenager
27 Apr 2014 Skyway, Washington 1 0 TER-islm shooting attack killed 1
1 Jun 2014 Seattle, Washington 2 0 TER-islm shooting attack near night club killed 2
8 Jun 2014 Las Vegas, Nevada 5 0 TER-right shooting attack at restaurant and store; 3 killed, including 2 police officers; both shooters killed themselves
25 Jun 2014 East Orange, New Jersey 1 0 TER-islm shooting attack killed 1 teenager
12 Sep 2014 Blooming Grove, Pennsylvania 1 1 TER-right shooting attack on police officers; shooter evaded a manhunt in nearby woods until 30 Oct
25 Sep 2014 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 1 2 TER-islm knife attack at food processing plant killed 1, injured 1; attacker was shot and injured
23 Oct 2014 New York City, New York 1 3 TER-islm axe attack on police officers injured 2, one severely; police shot and killed the attacker and injured one bystander
28 Nov 2014 Austin, Texas 1 0 TER? shots fired at Mexican consulate, US courthouse, and police station during early morning hours; failed attempt at arson at consulate; attacker was shot at by police
20 Dec 2014 New York City, New York 3 0 TER shooting attack killed two police officers, gunman shot and killed himself
3 May 2015 Garland, Texas 2 1 TER-islm attempted shooting attack at event involving art critical of Islam, one guard shot and injured, both attackers shot and killed by police officer serving as guard
17 Jun 2015 Charleston, South Carolina 9 1 TER-right gunman killed 9 in attack at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church on a Bible study group; South Carolina state congressman among those killed; 1 injured
16 Jul 2015 Chattanooga, Tennessee 6 2 TER-islm gunman killed 4 Marines and injures 1 Navy sailor (who died 18 Jul of injuries), 1 police officer, and 1 Marine, at two locations; gunman was shot and killed by police
1 Oct 2015 Roseburg, Oregon 10 9 CRI shooting attack at Umpqua Community College killed 9 and injured 9; shooter killed himself
4 Nov 2015 Merced, California 1 4 TER-islm? student stabbed two students and two staff at the University of California; attacker was shot and killed by police
27 Nov 2015 Colorado Springs, Colorado 3 9 TER-right gunman killed two civilians and one police officer outside a Planned Parenthood clinic, also injuring 4 civilians and 5 police officers
3 Dec 2015 San Bernardino, California 16 23 TER-islm two attackers killed 14 and injured 21 at a county employee meeting and Christmas party; both attackers were killed hours later in a shootout with police in which 2 police officers were injured
7 Jan 2016 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 0 2 TER-islm gunman shot and injured a police officer; attacker was shot and injured
11 Feb 2016 Columbus, Ohio 1 4 TER-islm attacker injured 4 in machete attack at a restaurant; attacker was shot and killed by police when he attacked police at the end of a car chase
12 Jun 2016 Orlando, Florida 50 53 TER-islm shooting attack at nightclub
7 Jul 2016 Bristol, Tennessee 1 3 TER-left shooting attack killed one civilian, injured one police officer and three civilians
7 Jul 2016 Dallas, Texas 6 10 TER-left sniper attack killed 5 police officers, injured 8 police officers and two civilians at protest rally; attacker was killed by police
17 Jul 2016 Baton Rouge, Louisiana 4 3 TER-left shooting attack killed 3 police officers, injured 3 police officers; attacker was shot and killed by police
20 Aug 2016 Roanoke, Virginia 0 3 TER-islm? stabbing attack at apartment complex injured 2; attacker was injured and arrested
17 Sep 2016 Seaside Park, New Jersey 0 0 THW pipe bomb exploded at site of planned Marine Corps benefit run, no injuries due to delayed start of race
17 Sep 2016 Saint Cloud, Minnesota 1 10 TER-islm stabbing attack at shopping mall injured 10, including one 15-year-old girl; attacker was shot and killed by police
17 Sep 2016 New York City, New York 0 29 TER-islm bombing on street in Manhattan injured 29; additional bombs were found at other locations in Manhattan and nearby New Jersey but were safely detonated or defused
19 Sep 2016 Linden, New Jersey 0 3 TER-islm two police officers injured in shootout with perpetrator of 17 Sep bombing in Manhattan; attacker was shot and injured
11 Oct 2016 East Hartford, Connecticut 1 3 CRI? student pilot fought with his flight instructor and intentionally crashed a private plane near Pratt and Whitney factory
12 Oct 2016 East Boston, Massachusetts 1 2 ? attacker shot and critically injured 2 police officers; attacker was shot and killed by police
28 Nov 2016 Columbus, Ohio 1 11 TER-islm vehicular attack on students at Ohio State University, after which the driver attacked people with a knife; attacker was shot and killed by police
6 Jan 2017 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 5 6 TER-islm shooting attack at Fort Lauderdale Airport; 5 killed, 6 injured; 12,000 people evacuated from airport
31 Jan 2017 Denver, Colorado 1 0 TER-islm fatal shooting of Denver transit authority guard

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