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If you’re the only one who can see that emperor has no clothes, dare to call it out. You won’t rock the boat—if anything, you’ll help get it back on an even keel. Even if others have known that something was out of whack, no one’s had the courage to say (let alone) do anything about it. That’s the beauty of being an Aries! You’re not afraid of brutally honesty. And today, under a supportive angle between expressive Mercury and tough-love Saturn in your candid corner, people will actually appreciate hearing the uncensored truth.


If you end up dealing with an arrogant person today, try not to let their bad behavior tarnish who they are in your eyes. Sometimes when people get put into a difficult situation, they lash out and act defensively or impolitely. Perhaps this boorish person is just feeling insecure? Try to understand that one encounter will not give you a complete idea of who they really are. Give this person another chance to impress you. You will be very glad that you did.


Your confidence is going to get one or two boosts early on today, which will send your ego skyrocketing — but while that happens, make sure that you keep your feet planted on the ground! If you get too opinionated about things, you could push some people away who were just warming up to you! So be sure to use the power of your growing ego for good — believe that you are the most charming person in the room, and others will see that, too. You don’t have to say a word.


Disappointment in a prominent public figure you’ve always admired could cause an ethical crisis today, Cancer. You might find yourself doubting beliefs and values that you’ve accepted without question for most of your life. Bear in mind that this is actually a healthy process. By tomorrow you’ll probably have made peace with yourself, and should have done some growing up in the meantime. Hang in there!


You should continue on your quest to be more mindful of other people, today, by letting someone else in on the perks you have — share something of yours that is deemed valuable by a coworker or friend, and make sure to do it in a casual way. This is not about them being blown away by how generous you are! It’s about you making them understand just how important they are in your life. When you show warmth to someone unexpectedly, it can solidify important bonds between the two of you.


It’s strategically smart to be flexible with your coworkers from time to time, but don’t let things go too far — you don’t want to set a precedent that you are some sort of pushover! So speak up if you start feeling like a doormat and don’t be shy about protecting your territory or clarifying a misunderstanding. Sometimes the only way to get respect is to demand it. A quiet word to the right person will get you all the satisfaction you need and it will show others that you don’t mess around.


When you set your hopes way up high, you increase the chances that you will be disappointed. So be smart, today, and try not to pin everything on how a single meeting or date goes. Keep an open mind and let yourself accept each hour as it comes. If you try to control everything and everyone, you will only end up getting frustrated. When people can sense that you’re trying to push things in a certain direction, they will push right back. So focus on collaboration, not total control.


Be careful asking for more time with the big boss right about now. They could be dealing with some personal issues and won’t have a lot of patience for long discussions about your career or what new responsibilities you’re looking for. They’re a person, too, and they deserve to be given some slack during tough times. Treat them as you would a friend — give them what they need, and if it becomes a problem, deal with it then. Don’t worry about things until you need to worry about them.


A friend or relative might propose some travel, Sagittarius, but today you don’t even want to think about going to the grocery store. You won’t feel much like talking to anyone, either. Your mind is probably on intellectual or metaphysical matters. You could just want to stay home and study those subjects all day. Tell your friend the idea of traveling sounds great and you’ll discuss it later. That’s all you can manage right now.


You will be able to fix an injustice today and give credit to the person who truly deserves it — you! This is not an easy day to stand up for yourself, but you’ve been on such a good roll lately that difficulty shouldn’t stop you from doing it. You owe it to the people who are watching to say what is on your mind. Be completely honest about what you think you deserve. There is no point in sharing your ideas unless you share all of them, the pleasant and the hard to hear.


Why are you hiding what you really have to offer? Being coy might seem like a cute way to get attention, but it’s not a good way to make what you’re about really clear to people. You need to be blunt and open about who you are and what you want to bring to the table. Take the risk of revealing yourself — you won’t be disappointed. You are a lot more intriguing than you realize, and a clue toward solving the mystery will attract a lot of people to you.


Go ahead and dive right in to your latest obsessions, but try not to lose your grasp on reality! You need to create time for work and play — devoting all your time to one or the other is not wise. If you think that it’s not fun to create balance in your life, you’re wrong. Not only is it fun, but it’s easy! First, try to schedule your time. Give an hour to work, an hour to play — soon enough you will be able to stop watching the clock. It will be second nature!

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